Dear North Toronto Basketball Families.

Recently, we were informed by the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) Permit office that our gym permit fees would be increasing. We were surprised and disappointed by the late notification in mid August that not only would the fees be raised, but that we had been moved into another classification. The net effect of the changes is that our permit fees have increased by almost 400% for this upcoming season!
While there had been some prior discussion regarding the fee increases, the size and late notification of such has come as a surprise. As you may be aware from news reports, other organizations that provide sports and recreational opportunities for their respective communities have also seen increases of this magnitude.

Rest assured that we are working with Basketball Ontario and other organizations that have been adversely impacted by the TDSB’s unilateral action to try and seek a better outcome than the one being imposed on us and others in our community.

As a result of the TDSB permit fee increases, the North Toronto Basketball Association will be running a deficit this year. This will be offset by a numberof measures including using our surplus that we have diligently built up over the years, increasing Rep Fees, optimizing gym usage and re-examining other revenue generating activities to try and maintain the affordability of our community sports offering. As House League fees have already been paid, we will not increase them this year but will have to moderately increase them next year.

In addition, we remind you that the North Toronto Basketball Association offers sponsorship opportunities that will not only help us defray part of these cost increases but also allow you the opportunity to promote your business to the North Toronto community and beyond. Please check out the sponsorship page on our web site.

We thank you for your cooperation in this manner. We strive to bring the best possible House League and Rep basketball programs at a reasonable cost to all.
We would also ask you to have your voices heard by contacting our School Board Trustees and other influential members that can influence this decision. The contact information for the trustees is as follows:

Ward 8 Eglinton-Lawrence: Howard Goodman
Phone: 416-395-8403
Email: howard.goodman@tdsb.on.ca

Ward 11 St. Paul: Shelley Laskin
Telephone: 416-397-3094
Email: shelley.laskin@tdsb.on.ca

Ward 13: Don Valley West: Gerri Gershon
Telephone: 416-395-8408
Email: gerri.gershon@tdsb.on.ca

We have also put together a form that will allow you to email the above trustees with the letter above. Please click here to send the email.
With thanks and on behalf of The Board of Directors,
Bruce Bronfman
North Toronto Basketball

The North Toronto Basketball Association (NTBA) was founded in 1989 and is now a well respected and strong leader in the Ontario basketball community.  With approximately one thousand kids in its youth house league programs and over two hundred youth playing at an elite level on one of seventeen “Rep” Teams, the NTBA is a solid pillar in the development of youth basketball players in the North Toronto and Ontario region.

The NTBA is a not for profit organization (Ontario Corporation #1444461) that is supported by volunteers with a passion for the sport of Basketball.  Our goal is to have NTBA offer a consistently high quality program for its athletes and their families. The NTBA has strong Board of Directors consisting of dedicated individuals, over twenty five Rep coaches and seventy plus house league coaches all working towards a common goal – the development of life skills and building character through sport.

We are a community based program that strives to be competitive to other house league and rep programs and teams in the province, while maintaining a fair and supportive environment to our athletes across all age groups.

North Toronto Basketball offers a house league program that runs Saturdays beginning October  and ending February .  The 2014-2015 season will be our 25th year and we expect over 900 boys and girls to participate. There will be dozens of house league teams playing every Saturday from October to February with over 22 NTBA rep teams competing in games and tournaments that run until the end of  May. This will be our 24th year of fielding rep teams for provincial competition.

The success of each new season is a function of the support of: new and old players; parents; new and old volunteers; all levels of sponsors and our ability to continue reserving local gyms for our programs.

See you in the gyms for another fun and exciting season of North Toronto Basketball!

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